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Cooking by the Book: Chocolate Chip Layer Cake (Momofuku Milk Bar)

I’m not the greatest follower of recipes. I change ingredients because I don’t like them or I can’t find them. But sometimes you just need to follow the directions. (Gulp.) This is the first of what (I think) will be […]

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A couple weeks ago, I made my “Deep Freeze Tiki” ice cream with rum and mango. That was actually a bit of a trial run for my attempt at this week’s ice cream, Bourbon Peach. (Which, due to my forgetting what I […]

Cherry, Baby

When I took one of these mini cakes in to Shake’s office to share with his co-workers, one of them asked me, “What inspired you to make these?” I was sort of stumped. I’d come across a stunningly beautiful photo […]

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