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Fungus Among Us

Shake took a trip to the Big Island and came back with goodies. Two pounds of fresh mushrooms from Hamakua Heritage Farm, to be exact. In case you’re wondering, two pounds of shroomage equals three days of mushroom dinners. Hamakua Heritage Farm is located in Laupāhoehoe, where they have an... Read More

Scenes from a Sugar + Shake Christmas

Throughout December, I have either been at work or in the kitchen cooking, leaving no time for photo processing or blogging. I’m back now and resolving (it’s that time of year, isn’t it?) to be a better blogger in 2013. In lieu of the regular, piles-of-words blog post, here’s a... Read More

Okedoke, Ducky Daddy

I had no idea my dad was such a fan of duck. Shake and I took my parents out to dinner at Tangö Café earlier this month for a belated celebration of my mom’s birthday. Unexpectedly, my father ordered the duck entrée: a smoked duck breast with duck leg confit. He... Read More

Got My Mojo Working…On Pizza

If you’ve been reading this blog over the past month or two, I’d have to forgive you for thinking that all we do is eat out, go to events and drink. But, I swear, we do eat at home a lot, and I do cook things other than dessert! For... Read More

Fried Rice Frenzy

Every local family in Hawai‘i has their own version of fried rice. The Sugar + Shake household is no exception. The one I make is my mother’s recipe and includes carrots, celery, round and green onions, SPAM and bacon; a moderate amount of shoyu (soy sauce) and old rice. (Old,... Read More

Cheeeese, Gromit!

Naked Cow Dairy (bet I got your attention after just that first word, right?) is the only dairy on O‘ahu. They’re also the only folks in the state producing cow’s milk cheese and butter. A little about them in their own words: The sisters who own and operate the dairy... Read More

Breakfast. It’s What’s For Dinner

I’ve mentioned before that Sugar + Shake are big breakfast (but not getting up early) fans. Of course, this means that we are really big on Breakfast for Dinner. I especially like it because I’m far too impatient (like you’re shocked about that) to make certain things first thing in... Read More

What to do With a Two-Pound Slab of Oink

Robert McGee, who runs The Whole Ox Deli, really wanted to open a butcher shop. He’s started with a deli where he serves THE BEST hamburgers (made from aged local beef) and has just started offering fresh butcher cuts of local meats on a limited basis. Bob says that the... Read More