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(Sort Of) Cooking From the Book: Strawberry-Lemon Layer Cake (Christina Tosi recipe in Saveur)

This is not a typical Cooking From the Book post for a bunch of reasons (the recipe’s not from a book; I absolutely did not even try to follow the procedure exactly as written) but because I thought it deserved a very thorough walk-through, I’m calling it a (Sort Of)... Read More

Friday Photo — Cake As a Way of Life

I was so busy toiling in my cake factory last week that I plumb forgot to post this photo of cake for Friday Photo! So, although it is admittedly a bit late in the day, it is still Friday, so I can at least post it for this week: This... Read More

Cooking From the Book: Chocolate Whiskey Tart (Baked Elements)

The Baked NYC cookbook Baked Explorations is a favorite of mine, so I was thrilled when Shake gave me the two other books in the collection about a year ago. (There’s now a fourth, released this past fall.) I’ve made a couple other recipes from them before. I know that... Read More

Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival 2014: “Under a Maui Moon” and “Corks & Forks”

This year, we were invited to attend two of the Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival events—Kā‘anapali Kitchen Stadium: Under A Maui Moon, a cross-over event with Kā‘anapali Fresh, and Corks & Forks at the Convention Center. Of all the HFWF events, the Kā‘anapali dinner is my favorite. In large part,... Read More

Friday Photo — Sprinkletastic

I think rainbow sprinkles are the funnest thing ever. I know they don’t taste like anything at all, but they are just chock full of happy. If you agree, then the Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Layer Cake is a project for you.... Read More

Cooking From the Book: Brownie Pie (Momofuku Milk Bar)

A couple days before Thanksgiving, a friend texted Shake and asked, “Would you want to come over for a late Thanksgiving get-together?” “So do you?” Shake asked. “Yeah, sure, why not?” But then I realized… “Oh. We should probably bring something, huh?” But what to bring? I already had my... Read More

Cooking From the Book: Birthday Layer Cake (Momofuku Milk Bar)

This is the most sprinkle-tastic birthday cake you will ever encounter. I made this because we were getting together with some friends to celebrate the memory of a dear friend we lost nearly two years ago. I volunteered to make the dessert for this little dinner gathering and since it... Read More

I’ll Blog It Soon, I Swear…Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake

Some of you may have seen the birthday cake I was working on last weekend. If not, check out the Sugar + Shake Facebook Page. Here is a work in progress preview photo: The real deal post is coming soon. (It will be a “Cooking From the Book” post, which means... Read More