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Friday Photo — Pinterest Cupcake Fail

Ah, Pinterest. That crazy morass of aspirational ideas. I admit to having cadged more than one idea by browsing the boards, and they’re not always successful. Case in point, my attempt at what were supposed to be cute “Ice Cream Cone” cupcakes—you know, ice cream cones filled with cupcake batter,... Read More

Adventures in Ice Cream Making: Blood Orange Olive Oil Ice Cream

Blood orange + olive oil? Is this one of those zany food combos that tastes amazing?” asked one of my friends when I posted this photo. Yes, indeedy, it is. Ever since discovering it at a shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Shake and I have been head over heels... Read More

Cheeeese, Gromit!

Naked Cow Dairy (bet I got your attention after just that first word, right?) is the only dairy on O‘ahu. They’re also the only folks in the state producing cow’s milk cheese and butter. A little about them in their own words: The sisters who own and operate the dairy... Read More

Flatbread Frustration

I’ve always had dreams of making my own freshly-baked bread. My mom once got a bread maker as a gift, which was fun to play with a couple times, but that’s just not the same as a hand-shaped loaf that conjures up visions of little Parisian boulangeries. But bread making... Read More

Fancy-Pants Breakfasts & The First Thing I Ever Cooked

Breakfast is awesome. Too bad it happens so early in the day. Sugar + Shake rarely eat breakfast at proper breakfast time. It’s either technically breakfast because it’s the first meal of the day, but eaten at lunchtime—Does that make it Elevensies? Actually, it’s more like Onesies or Twosies…—or it’s... Read More