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Friday Photo—Sunday Salad with French-ish Dressing

Sometimes, the weekends call for a nice salad for lunch. This tends to happen on Sundays, particularly when I know that I’m making something extra-hearty or indulgent (e.g. fried chicken). I’m woefully behind on my magazine reading; I finally got around to the April 2015 issue of Food & Wine,... Read More

Ain’t My Kitchen

Recently, I’ve had a lot of occasion to cook in kitchens that aren’t my own. And not only are these kitchens not mine (and therefore don’t have my favorite knife and stirring spoon, or that bowl that holds just the right amount of chopped vegetables), but they vary in ownership... Read More

Menu Planning for the Week

Generally, in the Sugar + Shake household, we eat home-cooked dinners about four or five times a week. Sometimes the planning is well thought out, and sometimes there’s a lot of improvising, grocery store runs and “Cabinet Crap” meals (making use of the random stuff in the fridge and cupboards).... Read More