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Easy Meal: Pancetta, Garlic & Tomato Pasta with Poached Egg

A friend recently commented on a photo I put up on my Facebook Wall of a simple weeknight dinner, “I need to learn more simple weeknight style dishes. Any you willing to share?” I realized that (back before I knew this friend) I used to post lots of weeknight cooking... Read More


Last year I made what was perhaps one of my dorkiest and most utilitarian purchases from ever. One paper shredder. One toaster. One book on quinoa. While the shredder is pretty awesome (though the toaster kind of sucks, but at least the button stays down and the toast pops... Read More

Got My Mojo Working…On Pizza

If you’ve been reading this blog over the past month or two, I’d have to forgive you for thinking that all we do is eat out, go to events and drink. But, I swear, we do eat at home a lot, and I do cook things other than dessert! For... Read More