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Current Obsession: Cold Soup!

It is so hot, hot, unbearably hot. Some of it is just summer, some of it is just our apartment and some of it is because of all these hurricanes and tropical storms floating around the area. Ugh. So we’ve […]

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Friday Photo—Weekend Experiment: Oatmeal Apple Bitters Cookies

A few weekends ago, I did a bit of experimental baking. On our Summer Road Trip, I picked up a bottle of Woodford Reserve Sassafras and Sorghum Bitters. Not long after we returned, our friend Malia gave us a bottle […]

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Friday Photo—Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

I’ve been remiss in posting anything from our summer road trip (Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks this year). Mostly because I suffered from my usual post-vacation, “These photos suck” malaise and now that I like them better, I haven’t […]

Diaper Duty Cake Baking

This is not the sort of thing that normally comes out of my kitchen. For one thing, it’s much more fantastically decorated than anything I usually make.* For another, not only is it not edible, it’s made of the last […]

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Kā‘anapali Fresh 2014 Line-Up

One of the things I love most about the annual Kā‘anapali Fresh festival (now in its third year) is that the organizers are willing to change things up and try new formats for the events that make up the festival […]

Friday Photo—Arancino at The Kahala Hotel’s Crostacei di Mare

When the Italian restaurant Arancino opened up their newest location at The Kahala Hotel last year, we were invited to the media preview. I felt a bit guilty later because I took a bunch of photos of their stunningly beautiful […]

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To Market, To Market…

…to buy cured parts of a fat pig. Is that not how the rhyme goes? Well, that’s what you’ll get at The Market by Capsiche. We went to Maui back in May (I know, it really DOES seem like we’re […]

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Packs a Pisco Punch

This spring, we were invited to a tasting of Campo de Encanto Pisco at The Manifest in Chinatown. Neither Shake nor I knew much about pisco—I’d only ever had it mixed into cocktails, and not very frequently—and we were intrigued […]