I mentioned in my post this week on our farm field trip to Kapahu Living Farm (don’t forget to show your farm support this weekend for edible Hawaiian Islands Farm Day and hashtag #eHIFarmDay15!) that after visiting with Uncle John and Aunty Tweety, we embarked on a hike.

Because the farm is on the Haleakala National Park land, we got to take a bit of a shortcut (it’s not really, since we’d already hiked up a significant distance to GET to the farm) that landed us directly in the middle of the bamboo forest on the Pīpīwai Trail. (Otherwise, you hike the trail from the start near the Park Visitors’ Center.)

“The Bamboo that bends is stronger than the Oak that resists.” (Japanese proverb) Pīpīwai Trail, Kīpahulu, Maui. © 2015 Sugar + Shake

I’ll tell you more about the actual hike soon, but I thought I’d share this photo today because I needed to remind myself of the philosophy of bamboo: Bend, so you don’t break.