Over the weekend, I took my new oven for a test drive. I baked up some tasty Raspberry Breakfast Bars from the Baked: New Frontiers in Baking cookbook by the Baked NYC guys. They came out really well. I’ll blog about them really soon.

While I was baking, Shake went to buy ingredients to make a cocktail from his newly acquired book, Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails. I saw it while we were browsing at Williams-Sonoma one day and I told him he should get it. Because the name. Also because it had a really cool design (the folks who put it together are the creators of the Mason Shaker so they obviously have a unique sense of style) and the recipes looked intriguing. He bought it (I’d like to think it’s just because I said so) and it turns out he likes it even more than he thought he did. He spent my baking hours marking recipes he wanted to try and trundled off to go buy some cucumbers.

Here’s what he made: A Cucumber Rickey, which is a twist on the classic gin rickey.

Shake made a Cucumber Rickey from the Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails book. © 2014 Sugar + Shake
It was very delicious and refreshing, made with Hendrick’s, my favorite gin. (Kind of weird, because it’s rather cucumber-y and I am not really a fan of cucumbers. Except, evidently, when you combine them with gin.)

You should check out the sneak peek on the book’s website where they include the recipe for the next drink Shake wants to make is their Montauk Mule. He’s got all the ingredients sitting in our fridge, just waiting for the weekend.