Took a quick weekend jaunt to Hilo for our friends’ wedding. Most of our time was occupied by wedding events, but since I’d been thwarted in my quest for fancy sweets by the closure of Puff City (fabulous cream puffs, annoying hours) five minutes before we showed up on their doorstep, I insisted we go to Short N Sweet on Sunday.

This is my favorite bakery in Hilo. And my absolute favorite thing to get there is their Chocolate Truffle Cookie.

Sugar’s favorite from Short N Sweet: the Chocolate Truffle Cookies! © 2012 Sugar + Shake

They remind me of the Entenmann’s chocolate cookies I used to get when I lived in Cambridge, Mass., but, like, a thousand million times better. Fudge-y, with the coarse sugar lightly sprinkled on top. So fudge-y, it is really like biting into solidified chocolate pudding. But the best chocolate pudding you have ever stuck in your mouth. I could totally go broke at this bakery.

Is it a cupcake? Is it a burger? It’s both! It’s the most adorable hamburger in Hilo, found at Short N Sweet Bakery. © 2012 Sugar + ShakeWe were at Short N Sweet ostensibly to get thank you gifts for the friends who’d given Shake a ride to the airport and would be picking us up when we returned…and to get my favorite cookies.

But when we got there, we spied the cutest little hamburgers in the bakery case.

The bakery clerk explained to Shake that the kitchen liked to experiment and had made these out of cupcakes! He decided he needed to get one, just so we could photograph it.

So we did that.

Short N Sweet Bakery’s Cupcake Hamburger. © 2012 Sugar + Shake

It’s teensy. © 2012 Sugar + Shake

And then we ate it.

Mmmm, cupcake burger! © 2012 Sugar + Shake

Still cute. © 2012 Sugar + Shake

Hilo has some good burgers (particularly the burger at Hilo Bay Cafe—I ate there twice in four days) but this one wins the prize for most adorable!