The focus of the evening was to introduce these new St-Germain carafes. Very cute. At Addiction, you can get them as an add-on to your bottle service. They’re filled with the signature St-Germain Cocktail, a mix of Brut sparkling wine, soda and St-Germain. © Sugar + ShakeSugar + Shake got invited (well, really, Shake got invited and I tagged along; this is how it usually goes with these things) to an event to celebrate St-Germain liqueur’s new carafes. The event was held at Addiction Nightclub at The Modern Honolulu hotel, where, we were told, you can add one of these carafes filled with the delightful signature St-Germain Cocktail to your bottle service for an extra fifty buckeroos.

St-Germain is one of my absolute favorite liqueurs. The evening featured cocktails by the fantastic “Dr. Joey” Gottesman and Tim Rita, as well as the aforementioned carafes of St-Germain Cocktails. We enjoyed Dr. Joey and Tim’s cocktails, well-crafted as always, but we just couldn’t stop drinking from those cute little carafes! Seriously, put some ice in one of those, and an extra long straw, I’ll be happy for the entire evening! (And, thanks to Steve of wag and snap photography, who clued me in that R. Field had them, Sugar + Shake are now in possession of our very own carafe! Woohoo!)

Now, Tim and Dr. Joey’s cocktails were excellent, but we couldn’t stop drinking these! © Sugar + Shake

Took a bunch of photos, which I decided to process with a vintage look, since St-Germain has this whole retro Paris thing going. Also, I admit, it hides a multitude of photographic sins, like the not-so-great focus and digital noise, and all the crazy weird colored lights from the nightclub kind of work with the look.

St-Germain and Grey Goose were the featured liquors of the evening. We didn’t catch the name of this one, made by “Dr. Joey” Gottesman. © Sugar + Shake

And, in keeping with the whole retro Paris theme, there was a burlesque dancer! This is Miss Kitty Chow of the Cherry Blossom Cabaret. © Sugar + Shake The lovely @msmariasan pours a St-Germain Cocktail. © Sugar + Shake


Addiction has this crazy ceiling with light bulbs all over it. Every time we go there, I feel like I’m in some alien egg sac.

The ceiling at Addiction at The Modern. Crazy, right? Sugar says being in here always makes her feel like she’s inside some alien hive egg sac. © Sugar + Shake

You can see a few more photos and larger versions of these in the gallery.