We got this pretty pitcher as a gift and hardly use it. Sangria in a glass pitcher is so lovely. © 2013 Sugar + ShakeI’m not a really big wine fan, so I have to admit that one of my preferred uses for it is to make sangria. (I can hear all you oenophiles booing me. That’s quite enough, thank you.)

Sangria’s a great easy drink for parties. Everyone loves it, it’s easy to drink (a bit too easy, if we’re being honest), it’s wonderfully refreshing if the weather’s hot (which it always is, in our house), it doesn’t take much work and if you make a big batch, you’re set for the duration of the party. Make that a big, big, extra-big batch. I’m thinking of investing in one of those giant glass jar dispensers because we’ve run out of sangria on more than one occasion and had to throw together a quick batch on the spot. It’s still delicious, but not as good as when it’s mellowed overnight.

We use a modified version of the Hudson Yards Summer Sangria recipe from Danny Meyer’s Mix Shake Stir. I prefer white wine sangrias to red, because I feel they’re more refreshing, but it’s your choice.

Yes, you need all this for a tasty sangria: Wine, gin, brandy, orange liqueur, rum, juice, fruit. © 2013 Sugar + Shake

Sangria fruit!!  © 2013 Sugar + Shake

You’ll need a really big pitcher or other large container (at least four quarts) to mix the ingredients together, but you can serve it in a punch bowl or a smaller, prettier pitcher.

Sugar + Shake Summer Sangria

Adapted from Danny Meyer’s Mix Shake Stir

One of the fantastic things about sangria is that you really can’t screw it up. If you don’t like how it’s coming out, just add more of something else to balance it out. Since many blended juices have a lot of sugar in them, if you prefer a less-sweet drink, you may want to use just one cup of simple syrup. Alternatively, look for no-sugar-added juices or add more tart flavors, like pure pineapple or cranberry, to the mix. As for fruit, use whatever fresh fruit is in season. We also often like to add frozen raspberries or blackberries. If you are fortunate enough to have access to inexpensive fresh berries, go ahead and use those!

  • 1 1.5-liter bottle (or two 750ml-bottles) white wine; Chardonnay is good, but you don’t have to be terribly picky
  • 1 to 2 cups simple syrup (1-to-1 sugar-water ratio)
  • 2 cups mixed blend juice (pineapple-orange, orange-peach-mango, that sort of thing)
  • 3 ounces white rum
  • 3 ounces gin
  • 1 ounce orange liqueur
  • 1 ounce brandy
  • 3 cups sliced fresh fruit (strawberries, peaches, Japanese pear, apple, etc.)
  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries), optional
  • Ice, for serving

As early as possible on the day before you plan to serve the sangria, add fruit to a large (at least four quarts) pitcher or container. Add wine, simple syrup (start with just one cup if you prefer a less-sweet drink), juice and spirits. Mix thoroughly, cover and refrigerate. Allow to rest for at least 10 hours. Serve over ice. Don’t forget to add a healthy helping of boozy fruit to each serving!