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Friday Photo — Fruit in Fruita

We’re told it’s fall. You wouldn’t know it from the heat in our house. We’re also told that in the fall, people go apple-picking. Wouldn’t know much about that either. However, this summer, on our great National Parks road trip we got to go on our very first apple picking... Read More

Friday Photo — The Great Bacon Bourbon Project Sneak Peek

No, this is not a jar of flames sitting next to a bowl of bacon. This was our little Bacon Bourbon Snow Globe Project. Before it looked all snow globe-ish. Maybe you saw the photos I posted on Facebook of the in-progress project. Here’s one: Post by Sugar + Shake.... Read More

Friday Photo — Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

This photo comes from one of my earliest blog posts, “Strawberry Shortcake, Huckleberry Pie,” and one of my first photo sessions documenting the baking process, setting out props and using the lovely natural daylight that I hadn’t really been using before, previously only shooting dinner dishes at night. It was... Read More

Friday Photo — Bryce Canyon National Park Hoodoos

Here’s a look at two of the most famous hoodoo landmarks at Bryce Canyon National Park: Thor’s Hammer and the Three Sisters, on the Navaho Loop Trail. (I’m sure you can figure out which lump of rock is which.) With the government shut down going on, all of our National... Read More

Friday Photo — Crepes at Cream Pot

I’m having brunch with my gals tomorrow, so seems like it’s an appropriate time to share this dessert-for-breakfast crepe I had the last time I brunched with them: We tried out the Cream Pot Cafe at the Hawaiian Monarch hotel in Waikiki. Everyone else was much more sensible and had... Read More

Friday Photo — Rainbow Over West Maui

Forgot to include this photo in my recap of our Kā‘anapali Fresh weekend: Shake picked me up at the airport and we jammed back to our hotel in time for me to change my shoes and top and get over to the Progressive Dinner. A light mist was falling and... Read More