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Meet Pepper Bunny

This is Pepper Bunny. He does a pretty good job of grinding peppercorns and I love that he can be used one-handed, so as long as I have one non-raw chicken-y hand I can still crank out some fresh-ground pepper. It’s cheaper to buy peppercorns in bulk and there’s the... Read More

Apple Core?

This is not an instrument of torture. On the contrary, it actually saves me quite a lot of pain and suffering during holiday baking seasons when I decide to make my famous-in-my-own-head French Apple Pie/Tarts. I don’t make them every year, but perhaps now that I’ve started this blog, I’ll... Read More

Two Cheesecake Weekend

This past weekend, we had two dinners to go to for which I was responsible for dessert. Actually, I volunteered for dessert duty since I figured that I could make something in a double batch and simplify my life. Mission sort-of accomplished. As much as we love our local, small... Read More