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(Sort Of) Cooking by the Book: Strawberry-Lemon Layer Cake (Christina Tosi recipe in Saveur)

This is not a typical Cooking by the Book post for a bunch of reasons (the recipe’s not from a book; I absolutely did not even try to follow the procedure exactly as written) but because I thought it deserved […]

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The Leap Year Cocktail

Fiddling about online on Leap Day, I came across a Slate article by Troy Patterson on a cocktail specifically contrived for Leap Day nearly a century ago. It’s called, of course, The Leap Year Cocktail, and is attributed to Harry […]

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When Shake Hoards Lemons…

Sugar makes lemon curd! And lime curd. Because there were limes, too. When we have cocktail nights, Shake has a tendency to think that we need more lemons than we really do. And not to cast all the blame on […]

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