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Ain’t My Kitchen

Recently, I’ve had a lot of occasion to cook in kitchens that aren’t my own. And not only are these kitchens not mine (and therefore don’t have my favorite knife and stirring spoon, or that bowl that holds just the right amount of chopped vegetables), but they vary in ownership... Read More

Meet Pepper Bunny

This is Pepper Bunny. He does a pretty good job of grinding peppercorns and I love that he can be used one-handed, so as long as I have one non-raw chicken-y hand I can still crank out some fresh-ground pepper. It’s cheaper to buy peppercorns in bulk and there’s the... Read More

Lantern Floating Hawai‘i 2012

Each year, on Memorial Day, the Buddhist order of Shinnyo-en holds a Lantern Floating ceremony at Ala Moana Beach park. The Toro Nagashi, “lantern offerings on water,” ceremony is a Buddhist rite to pay respect to ancestors and offer comfort to spirits of the deceased. Candle-lit lanterns carry prayers for... Read More

May Day is Lei Day in Hawai‘i

I didn’t have a lei, so here, have some flowers. Happy May Day!... Read More

More from Maui

I’m not a big people photographer. It makes me uncomfortable when people see me taking pictures of them, and I never really capture them the way I want to. Also, people move. A lot. And they blink. It sucks. I much prefer to photograph food and objects, which stay still... Read More

Of Goats & Guri Guri

There’s been a lack of posts lately because we spent four days at the beginning of the month on Maui, hosted by the Maui Visitors Bureau, attending some terrific events and eating. A lot. Like, every two hours. This was a work trip for Shake, and I got to tag... Read More

Two Cheesecake Weekend

This past weekend, we had two dinners to go to for which I was responsible for dessert. Actually, I volunteered for dessert duty since I figured that I could make something in a double batch and simplify my life. Mission sort-of accomplished. As much as we love our local, small... Read More

Ocean or Sky?

Today’s post is non-food related. Hope you enjoy. Saw this today and just had to snap it. Ocean or sky? You guess. (Yes, this photo has been processed to emphasize the contrast and add drama, but it is not an “unrealistic” rendering.)... Read More