When the Italian restaurant Arancino opened up their newest location at The Kahala Hotel last year, we were invited to the media preview. I felt a bit guilty later because I took a bunch of photos of their stunningly beautiful food and never got around to posting them.

Catherine Toth of The Cat Dish just posted a look at their revamped dinner menu and said she felt guilty because she hadn’t been back to the restaurant since the opening. So guess how bad I feel , since she at least did a post after that preview dinner! Our friend @Melissa808 confirmed to me that several of the items we tried at the preview are still being served—they’ve become big favorites—so I’ve finally uploaded and captioned last year’s photos. Better late than never, right? Not all of these are still being served. Check out Cat and Melissa’s blog posts for a look at the new offerings.

Here’s a dish that’s still on the menu:

The beautiful Crostacei di Mare (Kona abalone, Moloka‘i ama-ebi, scallop, micro greens, herb oil) at Arancino at The Kahala Hotel. It’s meant to resemble a coral reef. © 2014 Sugar + Shake.

Gorgeous, right? This is the Crostacei di Mare (literally “crustaceans of the sea”), a showpiece of a dish featuring Kona abalone, Moloka‘i ama-ebi (sweet shrimp), scallops, micro greens and herb oil, all arranged to resemble a coral reef. I’m getting more of a garden than a reef out of it, but it’s still very pretty.

Since this is a Friday Photo post, I’m just showing you one photo. Click here to see the full gallery