…to buy cured parts of a fat pig. Is that not how the rhyme goes? Well, that’s what you’ll get at The Market by Capsiche.

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig...or at least a hat that shows you the most delicious parts of one. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

The Market by Capische at the Wailea Gateway Center. © 2014 Sugar + ShakeWe went to Maui back in May (I know, it really DOES seem like we’re always going to Maui, doesn’t it?) for the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua’s fabulous annual Celebration of the Arts event. I have been seriously remiss in recapping this event, but you can check out the photos I took from the 2012 Celebration. (We couldn’t go last year.)

While we were there, we did a quick side trip to The Market, a recently opened deli and market in Wailea.

Shake wanted me to take a couple photos for him for work, plus he needed to interview Chef Chris Kulis, one of the partners, and try some of their food. Our travel companion and I were happy to assist with the latter part. While Shake and Chef Chris talked, I roamed around taking photos of random things in the market.

Handmade pasta from The Market by Capsiche. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

Handmade pasta at The Market by Capische. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

Fresh meats. The Market by Capische. © 2014 Sugar + Shake Box of fresh bread. The Market by Capische. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

Get cheesy at The Market by Capische. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

When we were on Maui earlier in the spring for the Maui Ag Fest, several of the chefs were buzzing about the coming opening of The Market—“They’re gonna have all kinds of cool chef toys,” they exulted. Chef toys like fancy Top Chef-style tweezers and amazing locally handmade knives. (I want one, but they start at about $300, so…yeah…)

Locally crafted knives. (The wood is local, although the metal is not.) The Market by Capische. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

The Market and Capische? chef/co-owner Chris Kulis. © 2014 Sugar + ShakeThe Market is sort of a chef’s dream. Chef Chris (that’s him to the right) and his co-chef/owner in both The Market and their restaurant Capische?, Brian Etheredge, wanted a place where they could stop on their days off or after work and grab some fresh pasta or nice charcuterie and cheeses. And there wasn’t any place to do that. So they opened their own. ‘Cause that’s a perfectly normal reaction to not having a place to shop, right?

Of course, it helps to have a restaurant that already makes fresh pastas, charcuterie, truffle butter and other what-nots that make an ideal gourmet market. (At the time of this writing, their website is still under construction, but they frequently update their Facebook page.)

In addition to the fruits, veggies, meats and other grocery-type items, The Market offers deli selections like salads:

Deli pasta and chickpea salad at The Market by Capische. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

Deli potato salad from The Market by Capische. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

And sandwiches:

Sandwiches galore. The Market by Capische. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

The Three Little Pigs slider trio was cute, but not an ideal share item. It was fine for us, since we just wanted a taste, but if you’re planning on having a normal meal, this is a choice you’ll want to have all to yourself.

The Three Little Pigs pork slider trio. Cuban (braised pork, Manchego, mustard, pickles); BLT (loom, Hana tomatoes, Kumu Farm spring mix, garlic aioli); Ham & Cheese (smoked ham, porter ale cheese). The Market by Capische. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

I picked the Ha‘ole Hoagie—it’s sort of a weird name; it’s obviously not very hoagie-like and I’m not sure if “Ha‘ole” is supposed to be a play on “haole” (it’s not in the Hawaiian dictionary). Regardless of the name, it was a delicious sandwich. The Red Dragon cheese had a nice heat to it.

Ha‘ole Hoagie (pepper-crusted turkey on toasted sourdough; Red Dragon cheese, Maui avocado, Kumu Farm spring mix, pickled onions, cumin aioli). The Market by Capische. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

Finally, The Market’s version of a Reuben. Shake’s choice, since he loves pastrami. Also very tasty, though pastrami’s not on the top of my deli cut list. It’s not over-stuffed, which may be disappointing to people who feel that makes a proper pastrami sandwich; I felt it had quite enough meat.

Where Reuben All My Life (house made pastrami on sour rye; Euphoria cheese, kale slaw, mustard vin, “(not) Russian” aioli). The Market by Capische. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

The Market is located in the Wailea Gateway Center. It’s not exactly on the way to the airport, but it’s hard to resist a trip to stock up on goodies like bacon jam or burrata cheese. Good thing we always pack a cooler!