We’ve paid a few visits to the new(ish) bricks-and-mortar storefront of VIA Gelato since they opened up earlier this spring. It’s an adorable space in Kaimuki and—ideally for us—the permanent location means we don’t have to chase the gelato truck down via Twitter anymore! No more frantically zooming over to Kahala to eat our cones standing on the street 10 minutes before the truck drives off. When the gelato craving hits, we know exactly where to go (and we have a couple extra hours to get there, since the shop stays open later than the truck could) and can eat our cones like civilized people, at proper chairs and tables.

And something else awesome about the new shop: Melissa can serve other goodies besides her awesome gelato (which I’ve written about before). She gave us a sample of this delicious peach cobbler on our last visit.

Peach cobbler at VIA Gelato. Sooo good warm, with a little gelato a la mode! © 2014 Sugar + Shake

Mel says not too many people order the non-gelato desserts. They’re missing out.