This summer, food writer Martha Cheng tackled the task of rounding up seven of Honolulu’s top sweets slingers in a pop-up bakeshop event dubbed Baker Faire. I didn’t envy her the task—pastry chefs are as crazy as regular chefs, only they’re hopped up on sugar, too—but I was definitely glad she was nuts enough to do it.

Our haul from the last Baker Faire (see end of the post for more details):

From Baker Faire: Clockwise from top: Carrot Quinoa muffin and Blackberry Calamansi marshmallow from Halekulani Hotel's Mark Freischmidt;

Oh, did I mention that Martha has her own touch of chef-crazy, too? (She’s done time in restaurant kitchens, including Alan Wong’s Pineapple Room and the much-missed Melt grilled cheese truck.) ‘Cause she’s doing it again.

Check out this weekend’s Baker Faire on Sunday, November 23 at the Kaka‘ako Agora from 10AM to 1PM. Get there early or be prepared to suffer a sweet-less life. (The first Baker Faire was just two blocks from our house, so we walked over 20 minutes before it started and encountered a line that was already wrapping around the building. By the time we got inside MW Restaurant where the event was taking place, some of the most sought-after treats, such as Christopher Sy’s croissants—we found out later he had six flavors to start; when we got to his table, there were only three—were already snapped up.) Bring lots of money. (You exchange cash for scrip which you then spend at the bakers’ tables.) Also, bring someone to help you carry your loot.

I don’t think I’ve ever dropped so much money so fast! But it was all delicious and the chance to grab some goodies from these folks all in one place was rare. Not to mention, these were take-home treats, not sit-down desserts, so that put a different spin on the creations for several folks who normally spin the sugar in more formal restaurants.

The roster of participating bakers extraordinaire on Sunday includes:

So about that photo…clockwise from top: Carrot Quinoa muffin and Blackberry Calamansi marshmallow from Halekulani Hotel’s Mark Freischmidt; “Pop Tart” and Sprinkle Scones from Pili Group’s Kimmy Oi; Black Truffle Caramel truffles from MW Restaurant’s Michelle Karr-Ueoka; Kim Chee & Bacon scone (the big one) from Koko Head Café’s Lee Anne Wong; Pizza Scone (the small one) from Kimmy Oi; Proscuitto & Cheese, Sesame Citron and plain croissants from Breadshop’s Chris Sy.

The full list of participating bakers from the first Faire:

I know Friday Photo is supposed to mean just one photo, but here, have a couple more to drool over:

Baker Faire goodies. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

Baker Faire goodies. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you lining up already?