Haven’t had much time to write this week, so just a quickie so I’m not having a postless week in my first month of blogging!

It was my birthday a few days ago, so I’ll share some of the yum I got to enjoy:

A treat for Sugar’s birthday! “West Hollywood” Oreo waffle at Yogur Story (comes with Oreo chunks, crème anglaise and mini chocolate chips, plus whipped cream, of course!). Ah, dessert for breakfast, er, brunch. A Sugar kind of day! © Sugar + Shake

Mmmmm…! This is a “West Hollywood” waffle from Yogur Story. Gotta love a place that not only serves waffles all day long, but serves ones that are basically dessert! Aw, yeah—dessert for breakfast! Um, brunch. Lunch. Whatever.

I like taking photos of food other people make. It’s so pretty! I’m too impatient to be really good at plating.

May all your birthdays be as delicious as mine was!