We’ve been trying to make an effort to get up earlier on Saturdays and get out and do things. Things, particularly, like go to the Kaka‘ako Farmers’ Market to visit the Link HNL folks and get some delicious meats. On a recent visit, we passed a vegetable vendor on our way in, and I noticed she had a little stack of containers of quail eggs next to her cash box.

“Are these local?” I asked?

“Yes,” she answered. “We have a friend who raises quail. She has, like, a hundred of them!”

I totally want to go and see a hundred little quail peeping about. But I will settle for eating their cute, teensy, yummy eggs.

Local quail eggs! © 2015 Sugar + Shake

When I was a kid, my parents used to take me to a sushi and yakiniku restaurant—sadly, it’s long gone. One of my favorites to order was the sticks of boiled quail eggs. (I was a weird kid.)

I like to grill asparagus and serve it on crostini, topped with a fried quail egg. I love the look, but I have to admit, sometimes it’s more work than it’s worth—quail eggshells are very tough, and they’re tiny, of course, so it can be difficult to crack the eggs. (They’re a beautiful shade of blue on the inside, did you know that?)

Still, I’m a bit of a sucker for tiny food. It’s irresistible.