Today’s Friday Photo is an image I want to share from a shoot I did for work. It’s a local cookbook featuring recipes from “Then” and “Now.” I did the “Then” dishes, which were shot in Hilo. I don’t really like crossing my work stuff with my personal and blog stuff, but I’ll share more about the book when it’s ready to be released.

River ‘Ōpae (Shrimp). Wok-fried and crisped in the oven. “Now” Pairing: Kālua Pig and Shrimp Spring Rolls. © 2014 Sugar + Shake

This is river ‘ōpae (shrimp). They were once plentiful in local streams and rivers. Now they are scarce and good spots to find them are kept family secrets. These have been quickly stir-fried and then crisped up in a hot oven.

And, yes, that one little guy perched dead-center up at the top? Totally posed. Aren’t his little whiskers cute?